USC Discussion 2022: The Evolving Role of the Multidisciplinary Heart Team in Aortic Stenosis

Published: 21 Oct 2022

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Bringing surgery and interventional cardiology together, Dr Suzanne Baron (Lahey Health, US) and her team published a review article on “The Evolving Role of the Multidisciplinary Heart Team in Aortic Stenosis”, in a comprehensive special focus issue on the “Lifetime Management of Patients With Aortic Stenosis” edited by Dr Kendra Grubb (Emory Structural Heart and Valve Center, US). 

In this insightful discussion Dr Grubb and Dr Baron talk about the heart team’s invaluable role to manage AS patients.


Discussion Points

1m 50s: What are the differences between the European and US guidelines?

4m 30s: How to manage the treatment of younger patients?

8m: Informing the patients

9m 20s: The guidelines’ impact on the work of the heart team: Do we need a heart team?

11m 6s: The economics of TAVR versus SAVR in 2022

13m 44s: The future of TAVR: What data do we need to approve TAVR for all patients with aortic stenosis?


Read the discussed US Cardiology Review article here.

Read the special focus on Lifetime Management of Patients with Aortic Stenosis here.