HRX 22: AI-Enabled ECG Algorithms for Early Intervention

Published: 06 Oct 2022

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HRX 22 - In this short video, Chief Business Owner of Anumana Inc, David McMullin (Anumana, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US) joins us to discuss their FDA-Approved ECG-AI technology and the implementations this could have in daily practice.

To learn more about this technology, click here.

1.  Please outline Anumana's FDA-approved ECG-AI, and the clinical uses this could have in daily practice?
2. Could you tell us a bit about your FDA Breakthrough devices for LVEF, Pulmonary Hypertension and Hyperkalaemia? 
3. What is the data that underpins these algorithms?
4. How can these technologies aid clinicians in daily practice?
5. Where do you see the future of AI in Cardiology headed?

Recorded remotely from Massachusetts, 2022.
Interviewer: Jordan Rance