ACC 23: Inflammatory Risk from Statin-Treated Patients: Findings from PROMINENT, REDUCE-IT and STRENGTH

Published: 05 Jul 2023

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ACC.23/WCC - We are joined by Dr Paul Ridker (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, US) to discuss the findings from a collaborative analysis of 31,197 patients to assess inflammatory risk in statin-treated patients. The PROMINENT, REDUCE-IT and STRENGTH trials were each large contemporary trials which implemented guideline-directed medical therapy, the findings of which were pooled in this study. The aim of this study was to investigate the predictor of future cardiovascular events, cardiovascular deaths, and all-cause mortality. 

Results suggest a small gradient of risk with LDL cholesterol but are higher in patients with elevated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein. 


  1. What is the reasoning behind this study?
  2. What was the patient population and study design?
  3. What are the main findings?
  4. How should these findings impact clinical practice and patient outcomes?
  5. What are the knowledge gaps, and what further study is required?

Recorded on-site at ACC 2023, New Orleans.


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