AHA 2023 CardioNerds Conference Scholars Late-Breaking Video Collection

Published: 16 November 2023

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In 2023, we are excited to partner with @CardioNerds, a dynamic team dedicated to democratizing cardiovascular education. Experience a fresh perspective on the new data through an interview series featuring principal investigators and ambassadors from the CardioNerds family. 


These interviews are supported by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk Inc. This content is not intended for UK HCPs.

About the episode

AHA 2023 —  Investigator, Dr Steven E Nissen (Cleveland Clinic, US) is interviewed by CardioNerds Medical Education Fellow, Dr Maryam Barkhordarian (HMH Palisades Medical Center, US) on the trial that assessed the efficacy and safety of lepodisiran, a small interfering RNA (NCT05565742). 

The main purpose of this phase 2, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (Eli Lilly and Company) is to investigate the efficacy and safety of LY3819469 in adults with elevated lipoprotein(a). Investigators enrolled 254 participants with Lp(a) ≥175 nmol/L.

Findings showed that subcutaneous injection of lepodisiran substantially lowered lipoprotein(a). After the 608mg dose, serum concentrations of lipoprotein(a) fell below the lower limit of quantitation from days 29 to 281 and remained below baseline for 48 weeks. No major safety issues were observed, although low-grade injection site reactions occurred. 

Supported by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk Inc. This content is not intended for UK HCPs.

Recorded on-site at AHA Scientific Sessions 2023, Philadelphia. 

Faculty Biographies

Maryam Barkhordarian

Maryam Barkhordarian

Maryam Barkhordarian, currently an internal medicine resident at Hackensack Meridian Health-Palisades Medical Center in New Jersey, has a noteworthy background in the field of cardiology. She initially joined the CardioNerds academy as an intern, actively involved in editing their podcasts. Her dedication to medical education and cardiology has led her to her current role as a medical education fellow with CardioNerds. Her dedication not only defines her past contributions but also toward her ambition to cardiology fellowship.

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Steven E Nissen

Steven E Nissen

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, US

Dr. Steven E. Nissen, an esteemed American cardiologist, researcher, and patient advocate, has left an indelible mark in the field of cardiology. Formerly the chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the renowned Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Dr. Nissen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his roles.

Joining the Cleveland Clinic in 1992, Dr. Nissen held key positions, including Vice-Chairman of the Department of Cardiology, Section Head of Clinical Cardiology, and Director of the Coronary Intensive Care Unit. In his most recent role, he served as the Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Coordinating Center (C5), overseeing multi-center clinical trials. Dr. Nissen continues to contribute periodically in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit, showcasing his ongoing commitment to patient care.

A highly accomplished academic, Dr. Nissen graduated from the Webb School of California before pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. He…

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