ACC 2021: Findings From the RESCUE Trial

Published: 01 Jun 2021

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In this video, Dr Paul Ridker (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, US) discusses the findings from the RESCUE trial, which aimed to assess whether Ziltivekimab is effective in reducing cardiovascular biomarkers in high-risk patients with chronic kidney disease. Dr Ridker also outlines the upcoming ZEUS outcomes study following the results of this trial.

1. What does this trial aim to address?
2. Can you tell us about the study design, patient population and endpoints?
3. What are the key findings?
4. What conclusions can be made?
5. What are the next steps? Can you briefly tell us about the ZEUS trial?
6. What are your take-home messages from this study?

Recorded remotely from Boston, 2021.

Interviewer: Jordan Rance

Videography: Oliver Miles