US Cardiology - Volume 8 Issue 2

US Cardiology - Volume 8 Issue 2

In this latest issue – Volume 8 Issue 2 – Barry L Carter contributes an article entitled ‘Blood Pressure Control—Implementing a Team Approach’ in which he reports that team-based care models have achieved far higher rates of BP control than other strategies. Dr Carter suggests that because healthcare teams can substantially improve outcomes, implementing pay-for-performance and other means may make such approaches much more attractive to providers and health systems. Elsewhere, Peter A McCullough and colleagues review the array of treatments used in combination for stable coronary disease and ACS and provide insightful critical guidance concerning benefits, risks, and dose adjustments required for patients with baseline CKD.

Citation: US Cardiology 2011;8(2):82
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Acute Coronary Syndromes

Antiplatelet Therapy