Corporate Report

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Heart-warming success stories do not come along every day and this is a story of the American dream. This story is about a young lady named Candace Keaton who has become the owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MarCal Medical, a successful specialty medical distributor that has a successful niche in nuclear medicine/nuclear cardiology.

MarCal Medical is the exclusive distributor and service center in the US for the Graseby Model 3400 syringe pump. MarCal Medical also has its own line of extension sets used for nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology infusions. Candace made MarCal Medical successful by promoting the Graseby 3400 pump, the gold standard, with over 4,000 pumps used in nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology every day.

Recently, Candace partnered MarCal Medical with Biodex, a well known shielding company to provide a shielded pump to safely deliver radioactive drugs such as Bexxar, a GlaxoSmithKline drug for the treatment of non-HodgkinÔÇÖs lymphoma (NHL). Now, Candace has created a strong niche in the nuclear medicine radioimmunotherapy market along with nuclear cardiology and nuclear medicine.

Candace started her career as a biomedical engineering technician. For many years, she worked in hospitals repairing a wide range of equipment, from defibrillators and infusion pumps, to patient monitors and electrocardiograph machines. Candace helped people to use the equipment, performed regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, conducted functional and safety inspections, and engaged in extensive troubleshooting. As a senior technician, she often worked in the operating room performing many tasks under pressure, such as fixing broken equipment during surgery, or helping surgeons to use the equipment.

Candace became an accomplished professional, supporting and advancing patient care by applying engineering and management skills to the solution of medical problems. She worked well with physicians, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare personnel, and was logical, methodical, personable, and calm under pressure. Because the health field is changing constantly due to advances in technology, her flexibility, open-mindedness, and constant attention to new medical advances greatly increased her value.