Corporate Profile

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Reliant Pharmaceuticals, LLC, one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., is dedicated to improving patient care and quality of life by providing safe and effective therapies to physicians and the patients they treat.

Reliant acquires, develops, and markets products with the potential to significantly improve the treatment and management of diseases affecting large sectors of the population. These products have been underpromoted at their pharmaceutical originators, thus giving up market share to heavily promoted products. Reliant believes these products, based upon their safety and efficacy profiles, have the opportunity to grow with renewed promotion.

Our sales and marketing programs are built on directed communications to the physicians, including showcasing and supporting ReliantÔÇÖs products through a variety of mediums. We also work closely with the managed care industry to develop and implement programs that will improve the quality of patient care. By building strong relationships between Reliant, its physician audience, the patients who use its products, the industryÔÇÖs key opinion leaders, and the managed care payors, we will only strengthen ReliantÔÇÖs reputation in the healthcare industry.

Reliant believes to improve health and overall quality of life, it must develop products that offer a combination of practical, yet meaningful, benefits to patients.

We seek to enhance ReliantÔÇÖs products by improving their bioavailability and/or efficacy profiles, reducing the size or frequency of dosing schedules, and improving the safety and tolerability profiles, while keeping the price competitive. Product development and life cycle management programs will continue to be a top priority for the Company.