Nuclear Cardiology - Pharmacological Stress Testing

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MarCal Medical, Inc., is the importer, exclusive provider, and service center for the Graseby Medical Model 3400 Syringe Pump in the US.We have been providing this syringe pump in the US since 1991. MarCal Medical is proud of the Graseby 3400 Syringe PumpÔÇÖs (see Figure 1) reputation as the gold standard in nuclear cardiology for pharmacological stress testing. Currently, there are over 4,000 Graseby pumps used every day in nuclear cardiology departments and offices across the US. Graseby pumps that were installed in 1991 are still being used in nuclear cardiology offices.

MarCal Medical believes there are five reasons why a Graseby pump is the first choice in nuclear cardiology and nuclear medicine. The first reason is the ability to infuse virtually any intravenous (IV) drug. The GrasebyÔÇÖs multiple unit selection and 0.1-1,200ml/hr range provides the nuclear cardiology department with the ability to easily infuse adenosine, persantine, and dobutamine. The second reason is the ┬▒2% accuracy, which is perfect for nuclear medicine infusions such as the delivery of bexxar, zevelin, and cholecystokinan (Kinevac). The third reason is the advantage over fixed dual rate infusers by eliminating volume prep and mixing of adenosine. The fourth reason is that the pump has both AC and battery power options eliminating any chance of battery failure during a stress test. The fifth reason is, the pump has an open communication protocol that allows the pump to be remotely controlled and/or monitored. This makes the pump ideal for use with pharmacokinetic model-driven systems or by other types of equipment requiring controlled drug delivery.

These five reasons demonstrate why the Graseby pump is the best choice for pharmacological stress testing. However, the Graseby is the first choice in nuclear cardiology and nulear medicine because MarCal Medical has worked with pharmaceutical companies since the outset of stress testing, to make sure that all the users understood how to use the Graseby pump with a particular pharmacological stress agent. Customers purchasing a Graseby 3400 pump are purchasing peace of mind knowing that if there are any concerns, MarCal Medical is knowledgable and always available if required.

MarCal MedicalÔÇÖs expert service program consists of technical support, preventive maintenance, and 24-hour turn around time on repairs and loans. The Graseby Pump has a low failure rate and a low maintenance cost. The nuclear cardiology office or nuclear medicine department do not have to worry about rescheduling stress tests due to pump failure.

Finally, all MarCal Medical employees are dedicated to providing the nuclear cardiology and nuclear medicine community with the finest technological products available now and in the future. Ôûá